QuadCamera 3.10

Take serial, continuous photos with your iPhone


  • Good range of options
  • Effects are good
  • Twitter and email integration


  • Can't automatically split images


The iPhone's camera is pretty cool, but the native camera app doesn't really take full advantage. QuadCamera is one example of an application that does.

The basis of QuadCamera is that it takes four pictures in quick succession, and creates one photo showing the four together. This allows you to capture a feeling of movement in a static image. You can alter the intervals between photos, from a fraction of a second up to nine seconds, and you can also choose to take eight pictures instead of four.

The type of image can be selected, like high saturation or black and white and you can choose whether to view the results after clicking or not (they are all saved in your camera roll). In the iPhone's settings you can toggle QuadCamera's borders and vignetting - this is where the edge of the image is slightly darker than the center.

The image series can be viewed in animation mode, and this can be saved as an animated GIF file, the quality of which can be defined. Adding your Twitter account allows your images to be directly tweeted. QuadCamera makes a great companion to the Photoshop iPhone app.

One bad thing about QuadCamera is that you can't automatically split the images you take, so if you want to do that you need an external editor. It also doesn't feature Facebook integration. However, the results that QuadCamera gives are great. Whatever effects you choose, the split images look really cool.

QuadCamera is a fantastic iphone photo app, that can take great pictures and short animations!

Improved Twitter upload stability


  • Improved Twitter upload stability


QuadCamera 3.10

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